Business Consultant ( Marketing and Branding)

Maybe you already have a business but its gone stale in regard to how many new customers you get. Maybe your growth isn’t as you wish and you would like to get more clients and customers. Sometimes even the most mature businesses need a new and fresh approach. 

Here is what I can do. I will sit with you or phone chat with you and we will discuss your current business, the goals you have, the demographic you would like to reach and come up with a strategy to make it happen. I will help you create and outline and picture or map if you will of what I suggest you do. This will include Branding help if you have not already figured it out.

When we brand we come up with a catchy tagline, a slogan. We then try to make your graphics, visual and logo fit this “brand”. You have to think like your customers to know what will attract them. I am happy to assist.

This will encompass me looking over your current business site, social media and business practices and then creating a document of all the weaknesses and outlining what we can do to strengthen your business.

If you decide to have me also do your marketing. 

I will then come up with a new campaign or help you with your already established campaign.

I will handle your social media marketing.

I will maintain and place ads for you where you and I decide you will have the most reach for your dollar.

I will keep you up to date on the feedback and growth of your consumer base.




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