Social Media Marketing Service

In today’s business day and age, nothing is more important than your social media presence.
I realize many business owners are of the age where social media just is not something you used much unless you had younger friends and partners who showed you. Still as a parent, maybe even a student or just a busy CEO you may not have the time or patience or savvy to navigate it and stay on top of it yourself. I am happy to do it for you! 

I begin with getting you to send me 10 to 20 original tweets or statuses you have come up with.
If you aren’t sure what to write I can also do it for you. Then I post them for you at least 4 times daily to grow your followers and your reach.

Let me help you make an impact and reach even more customers!


Social media marketing is 450 a week for smaller businesses. 

Social media marketing is 600 a week for larger businesses.

Social media marketing is 1,000 a week for Corporations.


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